Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Mistake

I accidentally purchased chunky peanut butter :( Of course, I only discovered this fact after I opened the jar! It wasn't bad on an English muffin, but I thought a better use would be to make cookies.

Boy was I right! The cookies are light and crisp with chopped peanuts and chocolate chips scattered throughout, mmmm!

If you're in the neighborhood stop in for a few before they're all gone.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ahhh, Spring!

I know we have been enjoying Spring for many days now, in fact the first day was on March 20th, but to me yesterday was really the first day. Dad and I stopped by the roadside to cut some Lilac for Mom. These Lilac bushes grow unkempt and you might say wild. Mom has been wistfully eyeing this stand of bushes for many years. I find it amazing that my Mom can tell a "good" Lilac from a "bad" Lilac just by looking at it, from a speeding car no less! A good Lilac are the scented ones and of course the bad ones are unscented.
Mom was thrilled! So, now we have a large bouquet of one of the best heralds of Spring  filling the house with its wonderful scent. Nothing better. Ahhh, Spring!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Craft Night - Glitter Eggs

On March 25th, we had another busy craft night! As usual, we began with chit-chat and food, we snacked on fruit, veggie dip, and then munched on lettuce wraps and a turkey stir-fry. But the Pièce de résistance was Barb's generous purchases from Weber's Bakery! YUMMY! There were so many goodies it was hard to decide what to eat, we definitely could have skipped all the other food and jumped right into the bakery treats!
It was hard to put the goodies down, but we did and started our crafts. Using styrofoam eggs on wooden skewers, slightly thinned glue, paint brushes, and lots of glitter, the crafters got their creative mojos going.

Even Sable wanted to participate!

Artfully looped ribbon makes for easy display.

Although missing her "crafty" friend, Barb did a wonderful job on her two eggs!

Our youngest crafter, Jessica, is very creative, she braided some ribbon for her hanging loop!

BFF's, Jen and Lisa,  showing off their sparkling creations.

Mom made goodie bags for everyone and as a special treat each of our friends received glittered birdhouses for Spring home decorations.
Thanks again to all our crafty friends for another wonderful night filled with fun and laughter!