Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer's Bounty

Isn't Mother Nature wonderful! It has been a good summer for the vegetable garden. Although I planted later than I wanted, the produce has been bountiful and delicious.  The heirloom tomato plants have been very vigorous and prolific in their fruits. All have been tasty but two favorites are Red Brandywine and Green Zebra. I was able to get multiple plantings of green beans to supplement many dinners. I still have a couple of rows in raised beds that should be protected from any frost.

Thanks to my Mom's suggestion, I tried growing potatoes for the first time. It was very successful and a lot of fun. Don't these potatoes look great! They were so fresh, pulled right from the soil, cleaned, boiled, and simply served with butter, salt and pepper. Yummmm! I will definitely grow potatoes next year and I'll try another variety or two. We have also enjoyed radishes-both red and white varieties, green onions, and carrots. In the Spring I thought I would like to expand the vegetable garden to grow more things, but current size has been enough for me to handle as well as very bountiful.
Check out this picture of a bushel basket full of tomatoes--20 lbs! This is not a onetime occurrence; I have picked that amount of tomatoes several times, much to the delight of neighbors and friends who have shared in our abundance. The growing season is coming to a close--it has been fantastic and I can't wait to do it all again next year!


LisaR said...

Hmmm, those potatoes do look delicious! Enough there for me to have a few??? :) I can also say the green onions were great. So fresh, I loved putting them in my scrambled or fried eggs. Yummy!!!

COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

I have to say I have enjoyed being the recipient of many tomatoes...YUM!!!!