Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barber in Training

Paul David, fourth child out of nine, third boy, born on December 11, 1966--an early Christmas present for my parents.

Paul and I always seemed to get along, have fun, and occasionally get into trouble.

<<--Always smiling! Paul, three months old.

My parents didn't go out that often due to time and finances, but one time stands out in my memory. A teenage neighbor girl was babysitting us; I believe Paul and I were maybe 11 and 12 years old, but probably younger. Being some of the older children Paul and I were to help the sitter with our younger siblings, including the youngest, a baby at the time.

12th birthday
So, of course a bit of a drama occurred. Paul was chewing gum and somehow managed to get some in his hair, no big deal right? Wrong! Paul tried to get the gum out on his own by using scissors! Paul gave himself a very creative haircut--jagged and missing chunks.

Happy Birthday Paul David "Fruit Loops", Polly-wogs, Pablo, brother, friend, and partner in crime, enjoy!


COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

How about "woggers"? Gotta love all our nicknames...

Anonymous said...

Love it and Love him!!

LisaR said...

Why were we all in our pajamas in that birthday picture? Maybe waiting for dad to get home late or something? It's a super cute picture nonetheless.