Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Falling snow always inspires me to create my own replicas, even though they can't compare to the real thing. I learned how to cut snowflakes in the fourth grade, (thanks Mrs. Voss!) and I loved it immediately. I remember helping other kids fold the paper the correct way, experimenting with extra folds and lots of additional cuts.

For several years we decorated the kitchen cabinets with snowflakes that I cut, we saved them every year to tape up the next year. Similarly, at one job I taught my co-workers how to cut snowflakes. We created so many that I decided to tape on varying lengths of white sewing thread and then I hung them from the drop ceiling--it was beautiful! The other departments were envious of our decorations, and following my mother's lead, we saved them and created our snowflake ceiling for many years.

I have often made tiny snowflakes to decorate the corners of my computer, I have even tried to make huge snowflakes out of butcher paper. I don't think a year has gone by that I haven't created paper snowflakes. It is so easy and yet so lovely, I love making them.

I guess it is a tradition of sorts...so, if you know how and the sparkling snowflakes outside motivates you, join me in cutting a few snowflakes and decorating your home or office!


LisaR said...

Love the snowflakes! I remember cutting out bunches of snowflakes and competing to see who's was the best. Good times :)

Sprite said...

Yeah that was fun, we all made great snowflakes!