Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garden Expansion

Yesterday was a beautiful day for working in the yard and I began expanding the fruit and vegetable garden.

The space we have been using for several years followed the original circular shape of the landscaped grass. Last year I considered expansion but didn't want to go through the work of saving the grass and moving it to another location. However, last summer's weather ravaged the lawn and we are left with a patchy, weedy ground cover--an opportunity for expansion!

My first step was to move the fence and change the shape from circular to a straight line. I pulled up the existing posts and tried to drive them into the ground in a new spot until I ran into rocks.
So I had to dig holes and remove rocks, lots of rocks. It was actually cool to find all the rocks, I wasn't in any hurry and I can use the rocks in the garden. 
My rock pile!
Aside from the rocks, there was the usual excavation finds of glass bottle shards, roof shingles, and one small piece of ceramic. Alas, I will not be reporting any dinosaur bone discovery to The Field Museum.

I did not labor alone, I was assisted by my buddy Sable.

I would like to be able to comment that in this photo Sable was bringing a pole to me to use on the fence.

However, Sable's only concern was herself and finding something to play with and chew.

Sable didn't bring me poles or tools, but she did accomplish some hole digging of her own in the garden and keep me company during the expansion project.

The fence has been moved and is in a straight-ish line (I wasn't too picky about that) and ready for a load of garden soil.
We will now have space for the raspberry plants, more beans, and of course more tomatoes and maybe a few things we haven't grown in the past. Suggestions?


LisaR said...

Have you ever planted Fingerling Potatoes? Those would be good.

Rebecca said...

You have been very ambitious. I'm looking forward to seeing all your wonderful plants. p.s. Cucumbers are one of my favorite!

Diane said...

It looks like Sable is a good helper like our Chocolate Lab used to be.

Sue said...

Lisa, funny you should mention fingerlings-I have some already!

Becca, Instead of cukes, how about zucchini?

Diane, Yes, Sable is a typical Lab, playful, chewer, mooch; but she does fetch the paper everyday!