Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something New

Today I'm starting a new item, da, da, da, daaahh....WORD WEDNESDAY! (Can you tell I like alliteration! :)

This will be a regular feature where I discuss a favorite or a topical word. This week's word is in honor of the first day of April is: Fool.

Fool - to act unwisely; to be deficient in judgement; to trick; or to have an affinity for, ie. "a singing fool". There are so many meanings as well as synonyms like clown, birdbrain, boob, dope, jerk, jester, or perhaps nincompoop. That's a great word, nincompoop! How long has it been since you said nincompoop? It's funny and not too harsh!

Did you know that fool is a type of dessert? It is made of pureed fruit that is folded into whipped cream or custard. Sounds good, I'll have to try it.

What would April Fool's Day be without a trick. I didn't pull any tricks today, but one of my past favorites was on a co-worker, Danny. He had been warned that I liked to play tricks on April 1st, so he warily sat at his desk that day. As I watched from a slight distance, Danny scanned his work area looking for anything that was out of place. Next he began his routine, with his right hand he opened an overhead bin, then he started looking at the binders in the bin for any sign of mischief while at the same time reaching behind his back with his left hand to open a drawer to get out his glasses. As soon as the drawer was open a couple of inches a wind-up noise maker I had placed in the drawer was triggered, made a huge noise, and Danny screamed and jumped out of his chair! He was so startled but he was laughing too. Danny was a good sport, especially as I pulled another trick on him later that day.

I think we should all be comfortable enough to be the fool every once and awhile and not feel foolish about it.
What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.
~Yiddish Proverb


LisaR said...

Where the hell did this picture come from? I know it is in the kitchen of the old house, but what is the occasion, etc.?

I know you played a LOT of April Fool's jokes on co-workers. Wasn't there something with a mouse and another involving a liquid in the coffee?

Sprite said...

Haha ha! I have a secret stash of pictures(;

Yes, back in the day many co-workers were victims of my manical ways and I only received occasional payback.

COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

I second Lisa's motion....where is the secret stash of photos...and why haven't you shared with your scrapping sisters?

Sprite said...

Please note the key word "secret". Remember, patience is a virtue. (: