Monday, April 6, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

The White Sox home opener was delayed by one day due to the rain and snow that came sweeping in last night. I don't think a one day delay will help much, it will still be very COLD.

My favorite game that I attended was when the White Sox clinched the American League West Division title. My mom and dad purchased tickets for most of the family to go to a game months in advance as part of a Commonwealth Edison company group discount plan. It was just luck or fate that we were at the September 17th game. Old Comiskey Park was packed! The crowd was absolutely crazy, loud, and so excited for our team. We cheered for all of our players, but we loved chanting "Harold, Harold, Harold!" for Harold Baines.

The game was great and we all went wild when we won the game and clinched the title! The best part of that or any game was spending the time and sharing the day with my family.


LisaR said...

We had to wait a long rain delay too, right?

Sprite said...

I think that was a different game. Do you remember the time that Dad locked the keys in the car?! A friendly cop with a Slim Jim helped us out. What a way to end a night at Comiskey!