Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas Crafts...delayed

As a Stocking Stuffers I made a bunch of felt snowpeople, each of them unique. I was working down to the wire, in fact, I was stitching on Christmas morning. In the hustle and bustle, I neglected to take pictures of my snow family.

But I made two more, a snowman with a top hat for Dad and Mom wanted an angel. Without a Christmas deadline, took my time to fininsh this pair. They were actually completed the end of January and I'm only getting around to posting the picture. I figured with all the recent snowfall the snow duo were still appropriate and well, you know, better late than never.

Cute couple, just like Mom and Dad!


LisaR said...

I love the curly hair on the angel. I also love the snow woman you made me. It is beautiful and will look great on my tree next year.

COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

Larry and my ornaments are easily accessible for a photo session....we love our snow couple. The ones you made for Mom and Dad are adorable. The curly hair reminds me of the other stuffed angle on the tree with the blond hair.