Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tell Me About Yourself

If you were speaking on the phone with someone whom you've never met and they asked you to "tell me about yourself", what would you say?

Go ahead; think about it for a few seconds. What are the first things that pop into your head?

The color of your eyes or hair?
Did you think about your smile, or perhaps a beauty mark?

Did your height come to mind?

Or maybe your weight or body shape flashed into focus.

Today, I watched a bit of a morning talk show where a celebrity was discussing her weight gain and attempts to lose the extra pounds, again. This discussion got me to thinking about how much we focus on our physical attributes.

If someone were to ask me to tell them about myself, I would probably start with my green eyes, and height, etc. These are just superficial things, a part of who I am, yes, but not the most important things that truly make me--me and you--you.

I think we should start focusing on the best things that make each of us unique:
       bubbly personality
               sense of humor
                      positive outlook
                            love of reading
       interest in nature
               fondness of romantic movies
                       boundless energy
                             a smile that lights up the room
       ingenuity that keeps the boss guessing
               faith in a higher power
                       fierce loyalty to family
                              creative flair

The next time you look in the mirror, don't focus on gray hairs, blemishes, extra pounds, or other physical imperfections, take a second and think about a few things that make you special.

I hope you realize (in a non-pompous way) how wonderful it is to be you!

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