Friday, February 12, 2010

I could bake everyday!

With the gift of farm fresh eggs from my sister's friend, yesterday morning began with a baking spree...Angel Food and Sponge Cakes!

Fresh egg whites yield a fluffier, higher Angel Food Cake so I wanted to use the eggs for this purpose. As you may or may not know, Angel Food Cake only uses the whites of the eggs, no yolks. Also, it is best if the whites are at room temperature, so while the whites warmed up I made a Sponge Cake.

Sponge Cake only uses the yolks so it is a great way to use up the yolks. Sponge Cake is a very light and airy cake, not at all dense and squishy like a kitchen sponge. Since Valentine's Day is close, I chose heart pans.

I kept one heart for my family and drenched it in a decadent, rich chocolate ganache, mmmm.

The second heart received a blanket of strawberry butter cream using some homemade jam and decorated with fresh berries. This cake was happily given as a gift to my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob.

Thank goodness for electric mixers, otherwise I don't think I would make a scratch Angel Food Cake. Look at the marvelous volume of whites whipped to stiff peaks!
After carefully folding in flavorings, cake flour and sugar the cake baked to a golden perfection.

Cooling the cake upside down is required so as not to deflate all the delicate air bubbles.
Sometimes I like to frost Angel Food Cakes, or serve with berries and whipped cream. But yesterday we enjoyed the cake "au naturale".


LisaR said...

I can attest that the chocolate ganache was delicious. Thanks for sharing. :)

COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the eggs, wish I was there to sample the fruits of your labor of Love.

Sprite said...

It was very opportune that Lisa stopped by and was able to taste. Sorry that you were away and not available--next time!

I've saved the egg carton :)