Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lemon lovers take note, pictured is the most delicious Lemon Meringue Pie ever!

All gooey, fluorescent yellow gel, fake meringue pies should leave the building now!

This wonderful pie is courtesy of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk and is the only lemon pie we've ever made in my family. The meringue top is slightly sweet and fluffy, the perfect compliment to the filling which is tart, smooth, and creamy. (Commence drooling now.)

I know some lemon lovers are devoted to the ever popular Lemon Bars. I like them too. But, this pie surpasses all bars. Please try it, you won't be sorry.

(Makes one 8-inch pie)

1 baked 8-inch pastry shell, cooled OR 8-inch crumb crust
(I personally recommend a homemade crust, if you've got the time.)
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 egg yolks
In medium-size bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice and rind; blend in egg yolks. Turn into cooled crust.

2 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/4 cup sugar
In small-size bowl, beat whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in sugar until stiff peaks form when beater is raised. Spread over filling; seal to edge of crust. Bake in slow (325 degrees F) oven 12-15 minutes or until meringue is golden brown.

So good you might weep (:

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