Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quisp Quest

I don't know about your family but my family likes to take trips down memory lane to re-visit some of our childhood favorites. We get nostalgic about games we played, or TV shows we watched, but especially food and candy that we enjoyed.

Floating in our breakfast milk is the memory of Quisp. It was a lightly sweet, crunchy, corn cereal in little saucer shapes. Quisp came in only one flavor. It didn't have any fancy berries or marshmallows or sprinkles. It was simple and my siblings and I loved it, until it disappeared from the market.

Why did we love Quisp? The crunch? The sweet, corn taste? Did the crazy Quisp alien character draw us to the cereal? Whatever the reason, Quisp cereal created fond breakfast memories for my family.

Years ago, I could occasionally find Quisp in select grocery stores, never the big-name stores. The display was always small and temporary. I would purchase several boxes and share with my youngest brothers.

Recently I had another Quest sighting, I bought two boxes. When my brother Scott saw the boxes, his eyes became wide, his face lit up with a huge smile as he exclaimed in a reverant whisper, "Quisp! You found Quisp!" He was so excited, he wanted to know where I had found the treasure. Scott, my brother Paul, and a friend of theirs had all recently been discussing Quisp again. They searched the internet and found that Quisp could be purchased for $4.00/box or $5.39/box plus shipping! Their nostalgia had not yet driven them to purchase Quisp at those high prices. Scott was thrilled to find out that Quisp was available from a local store at $2.50/box!

So the latest round in the Quisp Quest ended with another 10 additional boxes being purchased and distributed to brothers Scott, Paul, Glenn and their friend Ron.


LisaR said...

I can't believe I never had that cereal growing up in our house. Probably because I was not much of a cereal eater. Maybe I will have to give it a try.

Sprite said...

You should stop by soon to have a bowl, or I'll have to save you some (: