Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow, snow, go away--come again another day!

"Snowflakes keep falling on my head, just like the..." oops, wrong words! I thought if March came in like a lion (which it did) it was supposed to go out like a lamb. I guess Mother Nature had other plans. The snow was actually quite beautiful, carefully coating every little branch on our birch trees.

Our burgeoning tulips were covered in snow, I hope that they're not permanently damaged. The snow was melting quickly today so I think the flowers will be fine at least from the snow, from the bunnies is another story. The rotten rabbits are after the tulips, nibbling their tender leaves down to the nubbins. Not this year I cry! I am trying to foil the rabbits efforts this year by protecting them with cages made from old plastic pots. I have been successful so far, but as we all know rabbits are rascally, I will have to be vigilant.

Although pretty, I hope Mother Nature is done with snow, I'm ready for Spring!


LisaR said...

Rabbits are indeed rescally. But I think squirrels are diabolical. What do you think?

Sprite said...

Squirrels are very devious, but thankfully we don't have too many. They bury nuts in the front garden but don't hang around in the backyard. Maybe Sable scares them away.

COOKIE_LADY1170 said...

Rabbits are a nuisance!!!